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Note for ExpressProof Accounts created before April 2021: As of April 2021, we have made an update to our payment system. If you create an order through credit card, it is possible you may receive a notice of a failed order and an unsuccessful credit card transaction. To resolve this issue, do either of the following:
  1. Logout of your current Account, and create your order as a Guest.
  2. Use PayPal. Under your current Account, paying by PayPal is available, but remember that paying by credit card can still result in an unsuccessful transaction.
  3. Register a new ExpressProof Account (RECOMMENDED): Credit card transactions will work under our update if you register a new ExpressProof Account with a different user email address. If you want to keep the same user email address, contact us. We will delete your current ExpressProof Account from our site. Afterwards, you can register a new ExpressProof Account with the user email address. Please feel free to contact us if you need further assistance.

Security is uber-important to us! To stay lock-tight, we’re asking customer’s that created accounts on our legacy system to reset passwords on our fancy new system. If your account was created prior to August 27, 2013 please reset your password here.



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